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Bride & Groom: Amber & Billy
Resort:  THE Royal Cancun
Date:  Friday, May 13th of 2011
Photographer:  Resort Photogrpaher
Travel Agent:  Nicki

 Bride Interview!

What made you decide on having a destination wedding?I love the beach and I really wanted to get married with my feet in the sand and the gorgeous blue water in the background! It was also an easy way to plan a wedding without all of the hassle and cost - My husband and I both wanted something small and laid back.

What made you decide on the destination, venue?
 We wanted a place that all of our guests could afford (and love), and we wanted all-inclusive. We went with THE Royal in Cancun because my husband had stayed at the one in Playa del Carmen and loved it. Cancun was nice, but looking back on it I wish we had stayed at the one in Playa. The wedding packages offered at either resort gave you the most for your money. They were a little flexible as well with the flowers and cake.

What was the biggest difficulty in planning your destination wedding?
 Picking out every detail of your wedding from a brochure. I was a little nervous, but my flowers came out BEAUTIFUL!!

What was the highlight of the experience and what was the biggest surprise?
 I REALLY wanted the swim-up room (which we booked for 7 days) but we received a nice surprise when we got there - we received a free upgrade to the Royal Presidential Suite! It was fun to watch them set up my wedding while I was getting ready!

How well was the resort and your Wedding Coordinator to work with?
Most of my correspondence before the wedding (via email) was with a lady that was different from the coordinator I worked with when I got there.   However, both ladies were awesome and easy to work with. They answered all of my questions and tried to cater to any need I had. My coordinator the day of the wedding was on top of everything!

What is your advice to future brides?
 Most definitely go with a travel agent - Nicki handled everything I didn't know how, or have time to handle. My mom's passport didn't match her drivers license - Nicki was at work late the day before we were supposed to leave to make sure this was fixed and my mom could be on the flight with the rest of us! Don't be afraid to ask for EXACTLY what you want with the wedding coordinator. Sometimes they will deviate from what is in the brochure.

Was there anything that you would change looking back? 
I don't really think I would change anything except going to Playa instead of Cancun. Cancun was a little too commercialized for us. I would also probably splurge a little and hire a different photographer than the resort offered.   And I most definitely wouldn't stress so much - there were a couple of little things that didn't come out right, but I realized nobody noticed but me, and we were on the beach, so who cares?!  :-)

Is there anything that you would suggest that your Travel Agent do differently to help future brides?
 I can't think of a single thing!

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