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The bride and groom: Audra & Greg
The resort: Couples Swept Away
The photographer: Family member
Travel agent: Terrah Rominger

~ Bride Interview ~
What made you decide on having a destination wedding?
convenience, no stress, cost efficient

What made you decide on the resort/venue?
Recommended by co-worker

Who was your photographer, and if you had one, your videographer?
David Jones, my cousin(photos) and Stacy and Lloyd Tyson (photos and videotaping)

What was the biggest difficulty in planning your destination wedding?
finding a location, everything else was easy once I chose the destination

What was the highlight of the experience?
The scenery, the workers at the resort

Biggest surprise?
How the males of color were looked over several times to serve others people

If your best friend were planning a destination wedding what would your advice be to her?
Concentrate on finding a location first and get that booked then there are really no worries unless you want more. I did not go into this with any expectations and I had a wonderful time.


Audra, you look so incredibly beautiful and it was a true honor to be part of your special day. Thank you for sharing. ♥

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