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Bride: Dedra
Groom: Brandon
Resort: Couples Tower Isle
Photograher: Resort Photographer Agent: Nicki
"Our Wedding was amazing. It was so much fun and everything went well. The wedding coordinator was great and the resort staff were all very friendly. The food was very very good. Destination Wedding is the way to go. The wedding location was perfect couldn't ask for anything more. I went all the way and trusted the resort photographer and the spa for my hair and make-up and it all worked out well. Very happy with the outcome." - Dedra
What made you decide on the destination/resort/venue? 
After looking at over 75 different venues, the cost was the main reason we choose a Destination Wedding. You get so much more for your money. Since we love Jamaica we decided to choose a location that wasn't too far of a plane ride for family and friends.
What was the highlight of the experience and what was the biggest surprise?
My biggest surprise is nothing went wrong. The highlight of the experience was the weather turnout. It was suppose to rain but it turned out sunny and beautiful throughout the whole ceremony.
If your best friend were planning a destination wedding what would your advice be to her? 
Go for it, you won't regret it. The hardest part of a Destination Wedding is that you aren't able to see the flowers, venue, and don't know what to expect. We were also nervous about how our family would react. It was very easy for family and friends to book their trip with Legacy Travel help and that saved us a lot of phone calls and text messages. They couldn't stop commenting about how much fun they had and how they were so thankful we choose a Destination Wedding.
Was there anything that you would change looking back?
Absolutely nothing.