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Bride: Katie Wiertel Groom: Jeremy Ludwig Resort: Azul Beach Photographer: Tom Eipert Agent: Terrah

Bride_Groom_8 The wedding was great, although Jeremy was being nice when he described the weather. It was literally a monsoon and very far from the beach wedding we had planned. It was a  big bummer. That being said, the wedding coordinator at Azul was phenomenal. She felt really bad and did everything she could to make it special and, of course, there was nothing she could do about it. The back up, indoor venue (couldn't do their back up lobby because it was flooding) was alright. Nothing to write home about...long story short, it was nothing that we expect but it was still perfect.


As far as Azul beach goes, it was great. Our siblings, who brought children couldn't stop talking about how family friendly it was. Personally, I loved how small it was because it made us feel like we were always all together (although I'm sure that wouldn't be perfect for everyone), which is exactly what we were looking for.  Their food was phenomenal and their service was great.  I absolutely loved our suite. Their spa was also great and Veronica (who did my hair and make up) was top notch. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. She did exactly what the picture I brought showed.


Really I only have two negatives. The first being Erika. I wasn't really that impressed with her. Although she did everything that I asked, she was very slow to respond. She often took over a week to answer my questions. I would ask her to call and she didn't, and in the end, I ended up calling her. She did get everything done (which really wasn't much) but I just wasn't impressed with her responsiveness. But, like I said, the onsite coordinators were absolutely amazing. I LOVED them.  The only other negative would be how small the beach area was. I know I was told that before, but it was still smaller then I had expected.