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The bride & groom: Stacey & Matthew

The photographer: Caribe Photo
The resort: Azul Sensatori
Travel Agent: Nicki

"Thanks again for everything...the wedding was absolutely amazing!"
What made you decide on a destination wedding?
We wanted a wedding we could enjoy with our close friends and family that would not break the bank, since we were going to be paying for it ourselves, and we really wanted a beautiful setting. Once we started pricing how expensive weddings could be in Dallas, TX, we decided that Mexico looked pretty good!

What made you decide your resort?
I had never been to Riviera Maya or to an all-inclusive resort, so it was all a little overwhelming looking online at first. Once we decided to get some help from Legacy Travel, I totally trusted Nicki's opinion on all the resorts she had been too. She was able to tell me the positives of each resort and helped us pick a family friendly resort that worked best for our guests, since we would be having a few young adults with us. It seemed that with her expertise, Azul Sensatori was the resort that would meet ALL of needs the best, and she was right!

What was the biggest difficulty planning a destination wedding?
Of course the biggest difficulty is not being able to actually see the resort in person. It is hard to plan your big day when you are only able to go by pictures online, but I would say what we saw was very accurate. If you have a vision of how you want your day to go, then I promise it can happen and the resorts are happy to help with any special things you want or need.

What was the highlight of the experience?
The best part of my destination wedding was how wonderful the actual wedding day went for me and Matt.  It was really nice to wake-up and have breakfast with my best friend, then get to walk on the beach, and spend a few hours with my close friends and family at the pool in the sunshine before the wedding even started. When it came to getting ready, it went so smoothly. I had a mani, pedi, make-up and hair done all at the resort spa. The staff did an amazing job and I could have never dreamed how beautiful they made us all look. The weather was perfect, the ceremony was absolutely beautiful, the pictures were stunning, and ALL of our guests had the most fun night. You can't ask for anything more when you plan a wedding!

How well was the resort and online wedding coordinator to work with?
It was so nice to be able to call someone state-side with all of your wedding questions, instead of having to call Mexico every time you had a question. Whether you are having a small or large wedding, you will have questions, and the state-side planners are so helpful and cooperative. Once we arrived at Azul Sensatori, the onsight staff was great. We met with them two days before the wedding, and everything turned out just as we wanted. It really was perfect!

If your best friend was planning a destination wedding what would your advise be?
The most helpful thing for me planning a destination wedding was to talk to all of my friends and co-workers that had also planned a destination wedding. Everyone had some bit of helpful advise to pass along from their experience and helped to make the process much easier. I learned so much from others who had planned destination weddings, and from Nicki who had physically been to the resort, that I really had a wonderful feeling going into it all.

Was there anything you would change looking back?
I really can't believe I am saying this, but...NO! It was all wonderful! I highly recommend Azul Sensatori and Caribe Photography. Our pictures turned out so beautiful and will be a reminder always of our special day. I am so happy we picked Riviera Maya, Azul Sensatori and Legacy Travel! I only wish I could get married all over again....

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