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You're engaged and you've decided that you'd like a destination wedding on a beach.  What now?  How will you choose from all the beautiful beaches and all of the amazing resorts?  The truth is that there is a different right answer for every couple.  Your wedding is uniquely you.  Here are ten things you'll want to consider when discussing resorts with your destination wedding planner.
Do you want to walk in sand or a hard surface?  Are you dreaming of getting married with your toes in the sand?  Or, does the picture you have in your mind include you wearing beautiful high heels?  It's difficult to walk gracefully in heels in the sand,  Some resorts have beachfront options with a floor surface that will make it easy to walk.
Do any of your important guests have accessibility issues to consider? Do you need to choose a resort that is wheelchair accessible?  Many resorts are very spread out and not very accessible (even if they offer handicapped rooms).
Do you want adults only or does your resort need to be family friendly?  Do you have that one special niece who must be your flower girl?  Or, would you prefer a child-free trip and ceremony?  There are resorts that fit either, you just need to know which is right for you.
What activity level do you want?  Each resort has its own vibe.  Some are high energy with a lot going on all the time.  Lots of nightlife is available and there is never a dull moment.  Others are more laid back. The moment you walk in you feel your heartbeat calming down and the tension in your head relaxes (and you didn't even know you were tense).  Which type of resort matches what you have in mind for your wedding and your guests.  Only you can decide.
Do you want a small intimate resort or a large resort? Resorts come in all sizes.  You might want the choices and resources of a large resort, or you may want a small resort where the waiter knows what you want before you tell him and the bartender knows your drink before you get to the bar.
What is your budget?  This is a big one.  There are resorts in all price ranges.  You need to not only keep your budget for the wedding and your travel in mind, but also the budget for your guests.  The more reasonably priced the trip is to come to your wedding, the more people who will be able to attend.  At the same time, you want a resort that has the amenities that you and your guests will enjoy.
How important is beach quality to you?  Are you the kind of person who loves to spend the day out on the beach, or is a pool where you like to hang out?  Do you want the water to look beautiful or is it important to you to have a pristine beach as well. 
What style of buildings do you prefer for your resort?  (Or do you even have a preference)  In some destinations the buildings are high rises where all (or almost all) of the rooms have a water view.  Other resorts are comprised of many smaller buildings spread throughout a larger piece of land.  Some of those rooms will have a garden or pool view rather than a garden view.  (Still lovely, just not water.)
All Inclusive resorts are very popular.  There are also resorts where no meals are included.  Which one works for you and your group?
Finally, if you've always dreamed of being married in a sunset ceremony (on a beach), you need to be located on a western coast of wherever you get married.

These are the key elements to consider when choosing a resort for your destination wedding.  What other factors are on your mind?  Our agents are very familiar with the resorts and are ready to help you pick the perfect one for your big day.